It is finished. Peter Kofler’s grand Bach passion has reached its sonorous finale. Only six years after its inception in 2017, the native of Bolzano finalizes his complete recording at the four-manual Rieger organ of the Jesuit Church of St. Michael’s in Munich. Not only has this ambitious project set entirely new standards in recording engineering, but simultaneously it connects the spirited joy of a historically informed approach and the tonal possibilities of modern organ building. For – unlike other complete recordings of Bach’s organ works – this one does not rely on historical organs, but utilizes a single modern instrument – namely the organ that has been Kofler’s musical home since 2008, so rich in colors that he himself describes this richness as almost inexhaustible. Kofler takes advantage of this fascinating range by tirelessly contriving ever fresh combinations of sounds and register, which perfectly unfurl and reinforce the character of every single piece. The final CD – number 16 – ends with a track in radiant D major, the very essence of joy and gratitude in Kofler’s Bachian cosmos.

Recording produced in Dolby Atmos technology
This organ production uses the high-resolution Dolby Atmos technology for the first time. It allows the church interior to be authentically reflected not only in its horizontal dimensions but also in its vertical acoustics, its height.
Even conventional stereo CDs benefit from this recording technique, which provides the listener with a fascinating transparency and spatial resolution.
Streaming in Dolby Atmos at TIDAL and Amazon Music HD.

“Everybody who has enjoyed this sound experience even just once will share my enthusiasm. However, what I consider the center of this project is neither the modern organ nor the sound engineering, but purely and simply Johann Sebastian Bach’s music.“
Peter Kofler

Publication: 09.02.2024




Press reviews

For the CD box "Opus Bach", Peter Kofler was awarded the "Editor's Choice" from the well-known music magazine "Gramophone". https://www.gramophone.co.uk/

Er kennt die Orgel, er kennt Bach. Er weiß, was wie zusammenpasst. Und so hören wir einen wandlungsfähigen, farbigen, genau artikulierten Bach.
Christoph Vratz, 13.2.24

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Musik Tipp! … Kofler spielt nicht nur technisch untadelig, sondern beweist auch in Registrierung und musikalischer Deutung feines Gesprür und klare, stilsichere Vorstellungen. Keine chronologische Einspielung ist dies und auch keine auf einer historischen Orgel, sondern eine, die auf der fantastischen Rieger-Orgel Präludien und Fugen, Fantasien und Choralvorspiele aus verschiedenen Schaffensepochen mischt, als ob jede CD ein Konzert von heute wäre. …
KLK, 04.10.19

… Nicht nur ein besonderes, neues technisches Aufnahmeverfahren macht „Opus Bach“ hörenswert, vor allem ist es die sichere, sehr differenzierte Interpretation von Peter Kofler.
Daniela Knaller

… There is so much here to admire that I will just single out some of my particular highlights. … I have nothing but high praise for this release, and enthusiastically look forward to the next instalment. This is an auspicious start to what promises to be a compelling cycle.
Stephen Greenbank, Nov 2019

… Kofler’s focused, precise playing is admirable, combining so effectively with his registration choices. …
Michael Cookson, Dec 2019

Crescendo: ...Koflers in vielen Details sehr differenzierte Interpretationen sind durchdacht, stringent, aus einem Guss....

Badische Zeitung: ...Bei den späten Canonischen Veränderungen über "Vom Himmel hoch" verbinden sich Klang, Konstruktivismus und Klarheit....